With over 20 years of appraisal experience, Good Faith Appraisals is in a great position to provide many appraisal products both conventional and FHA including: single family appraisals, 2-4 unit appraisals, condominium appraisals, desktop or hybrid appraisals, drive-by appraisals, appraisal reviews, market analysis, and more...
april 1
FNMA form 1004

Single Family Appraisal

This is your garden-variety, standard single-family home appraisal. What is your home worth? 

april 7
Desktop or Hybrid Appraisals

Desktop or Hybrid Appraisals

In today’s market place of appraisal products, one of the fastest growing segments is a desktop or hybrid appraisal.

april 5
FNMA form 2000 or 2006


We have been doing appraisal reviews for over 20 years. We have completed thousands of field reviews and desk reviews.

april 6
FNMA form 1025

2-4 Unit Duplex Appraisal

A 2 to 4 unit appraisal, for Fannie Mae farm 1025 is a specialized report which requires specialized expertise.

april 4
FNMA form 1073

Condominium Appraisal

Condos can look like apartments or town homes. The building design does not make a property a condo.

april 3
Desktop Appraisal Form

Comp Check or Market Analysis

Has the old fashion term “comp check“ been outlawed by the appraisal industry? No...

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